Karyn Kuhl Band

Karyn Kuhl Band

Kayn Kuhl first received national acclaim for her early bands Gut Bank and Sexpod, growing out of the vibrant Hoboken music scene and the legendary club Maxwell’s. (“Gut Bank’s The Dark Ages) is one exceptional debut album.” -Robert Palmer, _New York Times). With her current group, Karyn rocks more commandingly than ever before.

“I Feel Love” follows the band’s debut album Songs for the Dead (2013) and the EPs The Stars Will Bring You Home (2016) and Hey Kid (2019). In 2017, “Say Goodbye” from Songs for the Dead was featured on the Netflix series Gypsy, and in 2019, their stand-alone single “Be Your Friend” was included on the Freeform television network hit Good Trouble. In 2020, the band contributed two songs to the Talk – Action + Zero fundraiser compilations organized by Rough Trade Publishing and Bank Robber Music. For vol. 1, benefiting the Black Visions Collective, Kuhl submitted her anthemic track “It’s Over,” for which she also directed a stirring, call-to-action music video. On vol. 2, the exclusive track “The Tower” benefited Spread the Vote, working toward empowerment at the polls.

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