Positive No

Positive No

Positive No creates melodic, unpredictable pop balanced with tension and energy. The current songwriting focus isn’t just about producing melodies performed as if it were their last day on earth or pounding out rhythmic twists and turns. Each note, beat, and breath is meticulously spaced so the room between the notes is as important as the ones played all together. It might be tempting to assume these musicians were heavily influenced by the heavy guitar indie rock of The Breeders or the melodic post-hardcore of Fugazi in the ‘90s. However, the reality is they were among those artists shaping underground music at the time. This band is not a tribute to the golden age of independent music; they are the same people who helped to created it in the first place. Positive No is a continuation of DIY veterans writing emotionally raw and dynamic songs with lyrics that are as thoughtful as the music. The unique language developed between the band members is like that of a well-established family.


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