Hopped up on a steady diet of everything, SAVAK formed in 2015 by
members of Obits, Holy Fuck, and The Cops. This brand new 8” lathe cut
is SAVAK’s 3rd release in 2020, following on the heels of their 4th
LP, Rotting Teeth in the Horse’s Mouth, and the “Feel What You Feel”
7” single. These two songs were recorded as part of the Rotting Teeth
sessions, but made more sense as a separate release, and Dromedary
stepped in to do just that. Anthony Roman from Radio 4 played bass on
“The Point of the Point.” Eli Kasan from the Gotobeds did the cover

RIYL: Minutemen, Wire, Mission of Burma, The Sound, The dB’s, Cleaners
From Venus.

Press Quotes:

“A potent and pointed agitpop racket which manages to balance the dark
and moody with the catchy as fuck.” —Noisey

“Superior twin-guitar slash action from members of Obits, Make-Up,
Holy Fuck et al. Adding Saints-worthy brass on standout Early Western
Traders boosts the prevailing Wipers-do-Joe Jackson aura. Four stars!”

“Dread-fueled, post-punk angst tempered with catchy hooks.” —Magnet

“Committed to making a righteous punk noise… matching elements of UK
post-punk… the band also nod towards the 80s US underground.” —Clash

“Queasy, claustrophobic noise-rock with endlessly astute observations
on the modern world.” —Louder

“A smeared Venn diagram of garage rock, DC hardcore and the more
chaotic side of jazz with a twist of psychedelia.” —Northern

(photo: Taylor Sesselman)

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