MAGNET premieres "Owls"

Fri Aug 21, 10:28 AM

Thanks to Magnet Magazine for premiering “Owls,” the latest video from You, Me, and This Fuckin’ Guy, directed by Steve Hanft (Beck, The Cure).

John S. Hall explains This Fuckin’ Guy thusly: “I was on Governors Island, being interviewed for a feature in Vice, and I was in a kind of silly mood,” he says. “A dragonfly flew by, and I said, ‘Look at that fucking dragonfly,’ using that silly, Long Island accent. And later that day, I wrote a poem, ‘Dragonfly,’ in that voice. I wrote more and more poems in that voice and named the character This Fuckin’ Guy. I grew up in an Italian neighborhood in New York, and I wrote in the voice of my classmates or Long Island Italians. The accent isn’t authentic, although I’m half Italian. I only ever talk like that in jest. But I thought it was funny to have a guy who was flabbergasted by nature but cursed all the time as part of his natural language. I thought of This Fuckin’ Guy as a nature poet. The album reflects that.”

Check out the video premiere here

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