Mommyheads in The Big Takeover

Wed Jan 16, 02:44 PM
The Mommyheads

Joseph Kyle of Big Takeover magazine has remarked several times about the dramatic musical departure of The Mommyheads on Vulnerable Boy. The Mommyheads have always been one of indie rock’s more progressive bands, if “progressive” means “consistently evolving;” their style began as an experimental pop sound, slowly evolved into more straightforward, Beatlesque pop, eventually detouring into jam-band boogie. Since their 2008 reunion, however, they’ve been exploring similar avant garde territory to Deerhoof and Radiohead, while simultaneously looking backward, to the prog-rock sounds of early Genesis and King Crimson.

So now you could say the Mommyheads are truly “progressive.” Vulnerable Boy has helped the band find a new home with fans of modern prog, the record’s new sound keenly observed and respected when Kyle reviewed Vulnerable Boy earlier this year.

JK spent some time interviewing The Mommyheads’ Adam Elk about Vulnerable Boy, his songwriting, and the band in general. Check it out here.

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