Introducing The 65's!

Wed Aug 10, 03:47 PM

There’s no way to describe this band. But man, when you hear them, their songs will ring in your head for days.

Stay tuned. Strike Hard!, their debut CD, will be out this winter. And before then, you’ll be able to hear their single “Walk On Selfishly” if you search a bit, because some impatient indie label guy might just leak it because he can’t wait for you to hear it.

The 65's

New Shirk Circus Single!

Tue Aug 9, 05:50 PM

Please sit back and listen to “Desperate Time,” which, after more than a decade in storage, is finally seeing the light of day.

Shirk Circus • “Desperate Time” by dromedary

Shirk Circus

New Mommyheads single/video - "Another Crowded House"!

Mon Aug 8, 03:51 PM

Check out the video for the new Mommyheads’ single, “Another Crowded House!”

New Speed the Plough single - "Sea of Tranquility!"

Sun Aug 7, 11:43 PM

Check out the new Speed the Plough single, “Sea of Tranquility!”

Speed the Plough • “Sea of Tranquility” by dromedary

Speed the Plough

Camelfest Music Festival Aug 12-13 to Benefit Roots & Wings

Mon Jul 25, 08:12 PM

Members of the New Jersey and regional music scene are coming together to support young adults who have aged out of the child welfare system in the Garden State, announced Dromedary Records, a Great Meadows-based independent record label.Friends, Romans, Countrymen

Coming Soon - Delicate Friction!

Fri Jul 22, 06:16 AM

We’re thrilled to announce the impending release of The Mommyheads’ first all-new full-length CD in more than a decade: Delicate Friction.

The CD is one of six CDs that Dromedary will be releasing in the next six months, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Roots & Wings Foundation of New Jersey. We’ll update you soon with more info about the Roots & Wings project.

Look for Delicate Friction this October, with a single before the end of summer!

The Mommyheads - Delicate Friction

Announcing Camelfest 2011!

Thu Jul 21, 08:33 PM

We’re thrilled and proud to announce our (hopefully) first annual mini music festival, Camelfest 2011.

For more information, visit the Camelfest website at

New Speed the Plough single!

Thu Jul 21, 04:37 PM

Here’s “Something to Say,” the new single from the forthcoming Speed the Plough album, Shine.

Speed The Plough • “Something to Say” by dromedary

Speed the Plough

Stuyvesant at the Warm-Up Session

Tue Jun 21, 11:04 PM

While in Memphis last week, Stuyvesant stopped by the legendary Ardent Studios (founded by Jody Stephens of Big Star) for a chat with Rachel Hurley, followed by a stripped down performance.

Click “more” for the entire audio, or watch the video of the band playing “Duly Noted” here:

CMJ Reviews "Fret Sounds"

Mon Jun 6, 03:09 PM

Check. It. Out.

CMJ‘s Rebecca Nathanson deconstructs the new Stuyvesant CD, Fret Sounds, and arrives at the same conclusion as we: it’s a great album.

Read on:


Penguins Kill Polar Bears - On Tour!

Mon May 23, 10:29 PM

Check out Penguins Kill Polar Bears as they tour the UK in support of the dynamite Sapling single. Click through for the dates:

Dromedary Inks Speed the Plough!

Tue May 3, 03:25 PM

It is a complete thrill for us to bring you new music from New Jersey indie rock royalty. Look for a brand-new, full-length album from Speed the Plough this August!

Speed the Plough

Penguins Kill Polar Bears free download!

Mon May 2, 11:54 PM

Check out this haunting version of the forthcoming Penguins Kill Polar Bears track, “Sapling.” To download the track for free, just click the little “down arrow” on the right side of the SoundCloud player below.

Penguins Kill Polar Bears • “Sapling” (Acoustic) by dromedary

The Deli Magazine introduces the new Stuyvesant single

Thu Apr 14, 07:16 PM

The Deli Magazine debuted “St. Cloud,” the first single from Stuyvesant’s upcoming CD Fret Sounds, this afternoon. Check out what they had to say!


Addicted To Media Reviews Penguins Kill Polar Bears

Mon Mar 28, 03:46 PM

The excellent blog Addicted to Media gives Penguins Kill Polar Bears a great review (and loves the band’s name), saying “Their experimental sound puts them right up there amongst post-rock masters such as Mogwai and Sigur Ros but lead singer Ben’s distinctive vocals set them apart.”

Check it out!

Absolute Punk reviews Penguins Kill Polar Bears

Wed Mar 23, 08:16 PM

Our new friends at Absolute Punk weigh in with a stellar review. Check it out, read the comments, and chime in!

Check the link here

Penguins Kill Polar Bears

Coming Soon: "Fret Sounds!"

Wed Mar 23, 08:00 PM

This summer will mark the new full-length release from the band The Big Takeover described as “pummelling, heavy duty power-pop.” Fret Sounds, the fourth release from Hoboken’s Stuyvesant, is set for a June release on CD and digital download. Look for “St. Cloud,” the album’s first single, next month!

Stuyvesant - Fret Sounds

The Line of Best Fit reviews "Vessels & Veins"

Wed Mar 16, 07:30 AM

The Line of Best Fit gives Penguins Kill Polar Bears a fantastic review.

“Post-rock may or may not have been a reaction to the indie rock and new wave of the 90s, but it’s certainly a tonic in the modern musical medical cabinet: if you are feeling a little weary, on Vessels & Veins you can take 4 doses daily after ingesting your genre.”

Mommyheads Spring 2011 Tour!

Mon Mar 14, 09:11 PM

Look inside for Scandinavian tour dates for The Mommyheads!

The Mommyheads

Penguins Kill Polar Bears Listening Party!

Mon Mar 14, 09:04 PM

Hey everyone, AOL Spinner has been kind enough to feature the debut EP Penguins Kill Polar Bears on this week’s Listening Party.

You can hear the CD in its entirety, for free, at this address or by visiting

And don’t forget you can preorder it right here, or at!

Josh Silverman, R.I.P.

Sat Feb 5, 09:48 AM

The whole Dromedary family extends its most sincere condolences to the friends and family of Josh Silverman of Shirk Circus.

Josh created beautiful, emotional music with both Shirk Circus and The Dark Brothers. The two Shirk Circus records on the Bar/None label stand out as two of the greatest documents of 1990s indie rock, and the band’s reunion performance in October was a shining example of how great indie rock can be. He was a brilliant songwriter and a monster guitar player that could play tastefully in the background or knock you out with a blistering solo.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to know him, and wish him well on his journey.

We’ll miss you, Josh.

Josh Silverman of Shirk Circus. Photograph by Stephen Bailey.

Help Dromedary Fund a Vinyl Edition of Flying Suit!

Wed Jan 19, 04:40 PM

We’re happy to announce our first Kickstarter project – a deluxe, vinyl version of The Mommyheads’ Flying Suit! View the video to learn more, and please, help us out by contributing and spreading the word!

Penguins Kill Polar Bears UK Tour

Fri Jan 7, 11:38 PM

Penguins Kill Polar Bears hit the road in the UK in support of the Vessels & Veins EP. Check it out, and check out this live video!