David Rat • The United Hates

David Rat

Finally, it’s the long awaited full-length digital EP from the great David Rat, The United Hates.

In the year or so since we released the digital single “Dancing With the Star-ving,” David has continued on his journey to becoming a counterculture icon, his book Happy Ending continuing to garner rave reviews and his regular column in Punk Globe consistently the magazine’s most widely read. His seminal no wave band Rat At Rat R reissued its 1985 album Ameri$ide/Rock & Roll is Dead, Long Live Rat at Rat R in late 2012 to much critical acclaim. An American expatriate living in Brazil, Rat continues to inspire as a teacher, artist, poet, author and musician.

The United Hates touches on many topics: Rat’s struggle with addiction and recovery, his estrangement from his young son, his love of animals, relationships he forged as a young rock and roller in New York’s East Village, his Buddhist philosophies and staunch antiwar/anti corporate greed stances all take center stage, battling for prominence throughout the record. The album’s ten songs are dense with poetry and prose, backed by a talented group of musicians. Each track is awash with tension and noise, interrupted by sweetness and melody, Rat’s (usually) soft-spoken voice quietly speaking at the forefront, a white dove gliding above a war-torn city.

In 20+ years of releasing music, this is our first “serious” album, the first one we’ve released that demands that you sit down and spend time with it. The tracks don’t ease into your mind like a typical Dromedary pop song; they pound you until you pay attention and then they hold you rapt.

Give it a listen, check it out on our webstore or on Rdio, then pick up your own digital copy.

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