Speed The Plough

The sixth album from New Jersey’s Speed The Plough, Shine, is now available!

From their early days as The Trypes to their 2010 reincarnation, Speed the Plough’s brand of rustic songwriting brings in elements of folk, rock, psychedelia and jazz to create a comfortable, friendly musical quilt.

A year before the band’s 2010 reunion, the blog Willfully Obscure described Speed The Plough thusly: “The band’s robust six-individual lineup, coupled with refined, glowing arrangements involving accordions, woodwinds and saxophones, lends itself to a dense, indigenous latticework of sorts, that by and large works to a tee.” It’s safe to say that the same description rings true today.

And we’re proud to bring you the band’s Dromedary debut, right here on our website.

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