This Band Will Destroy Your Life

Shirk Circus
This Band Will Destroy Your Life

Fifteen years in the making, here it is: the *long*-awaited third album from New Jersey indie greats Shirk Circus. With basic tracks recorded in 1997 during an aborted session where the band was supposed to be backing up another singer, and vocal tracks recorded ten years later, the finished tapes were put on mothballs in 2007 once and for all.

After Dromedary’s re-emergence in 2010, singer/guitarist Josh Silverman suggested we release this final document of the band’s pop greatness. We agreed, and set about planning and coordinating details, only to be met with the most tragic of circumstances: Silverman’s sudden passing in February of 2011.

After a period of mourning and consideration, Josh’s family and friends agreed: this record needed to come out. Teaming up with artist/producer Ray Ketchem, the album art was finalized and here we are: This Band Will Destroy Your Life.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

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