Vulnerable Boy

The Mommyheads
The Mommyheads - Vulnerable Boy

The Mommyheads have been called a “true indie rock national treasure.” Pulling together a startlingly diverse group of influences, Vulnerable Boy is the band’s most ambitious recording since their 1989 debut. Alternately an exploration of modern prog-rock, a delicate collection of classical-influenced piano ballads and a string of anthemic power pop masterpieces, Vulnerable Boy sees the band members spreading their creative wings and challenging each other as musicians. The result yields a beautiful, powerful progressive pop album.

Now into their third decade, their 8th studio album is as comfortable in a collection alongside the likes of Radiohead and Deerhoof as it is alongside early Genesis and King Crimson.

Purchase the full album download alone for just $5.00, or purchase the CD (which comes with a free and immediate download) for just $7.00.

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