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Noisy pop music for weirdos like you.


Noisy pop music for weirdos like you.

Speed the Plough


Next up: "Tea in the Sahara"

Sun Feb 28, 01:30 AM

We’re a couple days late with this one, but the latest cover from Smallpox is a haunting version of “Tea in the Sahara,” originally recorded by The Police. Thus far, the covers they’ve chosen have been all over the map, but a Police cover seemed, well, the least likely. Except that they’re Daniel Smith’s favorite band.

Enjoy the cover here.

Out today: "Daydream Believer"

Fri Feb 12, 12:32 PM

If you told us we’d be releasing a cover of “Daydream Believer” at any point, well…

And yet here we are, this week’s cover from the Smallpox Covers Album project is exactly that – Daniel Smith’s take on the Monkees’ classic. Dan says “For a minute, try to forget that The Monkees were the original corporate boy band. Forget that without the cheesy television show, they were just another cheap imitation of The Beatles. Forget that they didn’t write or record their own songs. Or even play their own instruments.”


Out today: "Broken Glass"

Fri Feb 5, 12:00 PM

We are thrilled to release “Broken Glass,” the latest single by our friends Speed the Plough.

Another beautiful song from their wildly inventive series of monthly singles that they’ve released during the pandemic, this one featuring vocal contributions from Mayssa Jallad (Safar), guitar from Matt Davis (Campfire Flies, The Thousand Pities), and bass from Dan Francia.

Smallpox pays tribute to Josh Silverman

Thu Feb 4, 10:02 AM

Daniel Smith, former bass player in Shirk Circus is the driving force behind Smallpox. As part of a series of covers we are releasing throughout 2021, Smallpox chose to record the Shirk Circus song “#10 (Under Acme)”, which we are releasing today as a free download. Click here to read Dan’s remembrance of Shirk Circus.