Noisy pop music for weirdos like you.


Noisy pop music for weirdos like you.


Next up: "Come Pick Me Up"

Fri Jun 11, 09:44 AM

The latest track from Smallpox’ Covers Album is a cover of the Ryan Adams song “Come Pick Me Up.” Click to read more about the genesis of this cover from Daniel Smith.


Next up: "Voices Carry"

Thu May 20, 11:47 PM

The eleventh track we’re offering as part of The Covers Album by Smallpox is a reimagining of the 1985 track “Voices Carry,” by ‘Til Tuesday (one of our favorite songs as well).

You can get “Voices Carry” for just one dollar here, or pick up the entire album for $18 and have immediate access to each song as we upload them every other week (plus extras).

Check out the "Snowglobe" video!

Wed May 5, 11:48 AM

New Noise magazine was kind enough to premiere the video for “Snowglobe,” by Sugar Fight, calling the track “a wistful meditation on leaving the city, with melancholy that is belied by a joyful pop-punk melody and walls of guitar.”

You can read their comments here

Preorder Now: Sugar Fight

Mon Apr 26, 03:39 PM

We’re thrilled to announce our first project with musicians from New York’s Hudson Valley: a brand-new single by Sugar Fight.

You can learn more about the project by clicking the photo, or just preorder the disc now at our webstore