Pop music for weirdos like you.


Pop music for weirdos like you.


Dagger 'Zine Reviews Stuyvesant

Sun Nov 17, 11:04 AM

“These NJ gents have been at it for a while and should be more well known than they are. The songs are good, occasionally very good, as in the case of these two songs.”


Fri Nov 8, 12:09 AM

Aardvark, the brand-new single from Stuyvesant, is out now, on limited-edition lathe-cut 7” and all digital and streaming formats.

Give a listen to the band’s latest hook-laden pop right here.

The Big Takeover Premieres Stuyvesant

Thu Nov 7, 11:28 AM

Thanks to our friends at The Big Takeover for hosting the premiere of “Dirty Looks,” the lead track from the new Stuyvesant Aardvark single. Click here, and then there, to hear it!

Pretty sure that “taut, chunky rhythm, a catchy melody, and soaring vocals that will make you want to jump around and air guitar like a damn fool” is the best description of Stuyvesant’s music that we’ve ever read.


Preorder Stuyvesant Now!

Fri Oct 25, 11:31 AM

The Stuyvesant “Aardvark” single is available for preorder now, with a release date of November 8, 2019.

The single is available in all digital formats, as well as a limited-edition lathe-cut 7”. Limited to 40 copies, the artwork was designed by former Stuyvesant bass player Brian Musikoff, with the artwork intended to be the first in a series of 7” releases with the band, each resembling the old “Safari cards” of the 1970s. The record was recorded at Moonlight Mile studios in Hoboken, NJ, with longtime Stuyvesant engineer Mike Moebius at the knobs.