Privacy Policy

We’re glad you take your privacy seriously. So do we. We promise.

Any information that you give us during the course of your visit to this site will remain in our possession until the end of time or we go out of business, whichever comes first. We will not sell, loan, rent, or give away your personal information to anyone.


There are several sections of this website that are NOT under the sole jurisdiction of Dromedary Records. One is our online store, which is a combination of the Bandcamp platform and a Paypal merchant system. Transactions are conducted quickly, and we do not store your credit card info.

Our email list is hosted by Mailchimp. Our blog is hosted by WordPress.

Come to think of it, very little of this site is actually ours.

But still, we’ll guard your privacy ferociously. Please be sure to read the privacy policies of the above companies before you use them, if you’re concerned.

Should you sign up for our email list (and we hope that you do), we’ll use your information to communicate with you whenever we have news to tell you, or special offers to extend. You can ask to be removed from our mailing list any time you want, and we’ll happily take your name off and leave you alone. We try really hard not to spam, only send you stuff that’s relevant, and only add your name if you ask to be on the list. If you’re in the press or radio, we sometimes will add your name to our list if you make it clear you don’t mind that, and again, we’ll take it off when you ask. Immediately. It’s actually automated, so if you unsubscribe, we won’t even know (you won’t hurt our feelings).

Aside from that, if you should contact us through our website, we’ll use your contact information to get back to you. We’ll also look at the areas of our site that receive the most traffic so that we can learn what’s so interesting.

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