Dromedary Records is a home-made independent record label that releases powerful and beautiful guitar-based rock music on all different formats, with absolutely zero consideration to what people might actually be interested in buying.

Dromedary was established in the fall of 1992, with the goals of simultaneously being an outlet for great independent rock bands to remain independent, and being a resource for indie rock fans to find great music. After more than 20 years, we’re crotchety old bastards with no designs on doing anything other than putting out music we like that’s created by people we like, and maybe contributing a little cash to charitable causes. After operating for 26 years in New Jersey, the only state we ever called home, we picked up stakes and moved to Kingston, New York, just in time for a global pandemic. We like it here; hopefully we’ll be able to call it home as well.

If you like it here, though, there’s lots of stuff to do. For instance, if you’re interested, you can discover the story of Dromedary by visiting our blog, where Al undertook the self-indulgent, year-long exercise of writing a daily blog entry chronicling the rise, fall, and rise of a tiny micro-indie record label (this one). Or you can discover the new Dromedary by enjoying the free streaming stuff we offer you on our home page, or in our web store. You can learn about our artists or find out when and where they’re performing (when we update that page).

Titles that are available for sale can be purchased directly through this website, from your favorite online music retailer (iTunes, Amazon, whatever, etc.), or preferably from a music store in your neighborhood that’s owned and staffed by people who care about what they do.


We’re an internet company. We do everything by email.

For licensing, radio, retail, customer service, or general information, please contact us at info@dromedary-records.com.

For press inquiries, contact Al

And if you’re a band with a demo, please see our Contact page.

And if you’re interested in web design services and like what you see here, this site was designed by our friend Jim Santo, who can be reached at jim@allegramedia.com.