We’re an internet company. We do everything by email.

For licensing, radio, retail, customer service, or general information, please contact us at

For press inquiries, including the blogosphere (which we firmly believe is part of the press), contact Al

If you absolutely must put something in the regular mail to us, you can send it to:

Dromedary Records
PO Box 3141
Kingston, NY 12401

Demo Policy

We love music. LOVE it. So yes, we’re happy to listen to your band’s demo. We’ve even signed bands on the strength of their demo, and will probably do it again someday.

Here’s what we ask:

  1. These are the things we are: Interesting noise rock, garage, punkish, power pop, and weirdo music.
  2. These are the things we are not: Techno, nu metal, Cookie Monster, hip hop, ska, hair metal, funk-o-metal, surf punk, trip-hop, reggae, skate punk, hardcore, emo, screamo, beano, pop punk, punk pop, skate pop, surf pop, aggro, grindcore, death metal, thrash metal, or oom-pa. So if your band makes a kind of music we are not, you’re really wasting your time by sending it to us. We probably won’t respond.
  3. If your lyrics, band, or general attitude infers misogyny, racism, homophobia, or right-wing ideology, we are not the company for you.
  4. PLEASE DON’T EMAIL US MP3 FILES. We can’t really stress this enough. Send an email to with a little info on your band to whet our appetite, and a link to someplace online where we can hear your music. If your band is awesome, we’ll email you and ask for more. If you email us an MP3 file without our asking for it, we’re just going to delete it and not respond. We just can’t download all those giant files and we’re afraid of malware anyway.
  5. If you absolutely need to mail us something the old-fashioned way, use the address above.
  6. We will try to respond to every single demo we receive. It’s the least we can do if you take the time to send us something. But it may take time. If you email us something, we promise: we got your email. Please don’t email again and again – it’ll just frustrate us both. And don’t call! We’re not home!
  7. Please don’t be offended if we don’t come see your band play. We’re old. We don’t get out much. We live in the country. That said, if you’re playing in the Hudson Valley, let us know anyway!