Cathedral Ceilings

Cathedral Ceilings is in the moment. Songs like fireworks blast off, dazzle, and shimmer into the next eruption. The band began in fits and starts (or was it fizz and suds?), with Ralphie & Nicky occasionally wandering into a practice space together. Songs were half written, then wholly forgotten. Beers consumed and discarded. But by the end of 2018, Tommy was roped into the mix, and suddenly, They’re A Band!

From that initial big bang arrived the two lathe cut sides, Thanks for the Guitar, Mommy and I’m a Band!. By the time they were released, the band had amassed a rock pile of ragers – the ones you’re now hearing.

Recorded and mixed by Tom Beaujour and delivered to you by the venerable Dromedary Records, Summer of Misguided Dynamite is unflappable energy and unforgettable hooks. Windows-down, volume-up, high-voltage rock and roll.

Drop the needle, load the disc, tap the screen and blast the feel-good explosion of the summer.

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