Speed The Plough

Speed the Plough

Speed the Plough is a New Jersey-based band that has been playing since 1984. The name, from an old Scottish folk song, was plucked from a book of sheet music just days before their first gig, which was at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ.

Founded by John and Toni Baumgartner and Marc Francia, the band has had numerous lineups over the years, including former members Rich Barnes, Stanley Demeski, Jim DeRogatis, John Neilson, Chris O’Donovan, Frank O’Toole, Pete Pedulla and Brenda Sauter. Speed the Plough rose out of the ashes of The Trypes, a band formed in 1982 by John, Toni, Marc and Elbrus Kelemet, and later joined by Glenn Mercer, Bill Million, Dave Weckerman and Stan Demeski.

STP released four full-length albums on the East Side Digital label: Speed the Plough (1989), Wonder Wheel (1991), Mason’s Box (1993) and Marina (1995). They also released a limited edition single on the French label Acetone.

In addition, STP songs appear in two compilation albums (East Side Story Vol. 1 [East Side Digital, 1996] and Grooves Vol. II [Time Life Music, 1996]) and two independent films (Strangest Dreams /1990 and _Paradise Park_/1993).

After a long hiatus, the latest incarnation of STP was launched in the Summer of 2009 with John and Toni’s son Mike on guitar and Marc’s sons Ian and Dan on drums and bass, respectively. They recorded Swerve, the band’s first album in 15 years, which was self-released in May of 2010. Most recently, they recorded three new songs, dubbed The Summer Sessions, which was released in September of 2010. Newly signed to Dromedary Records, the band is poised to release a brand-new full-length in August of 2011.

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