STUYVESANT is the reincarnation of two New Jersey rock bands that were born in the early 90s. Footstone and Friends, Romans, Countrymen shared many a stage and a lust for the “have a good time, all the time” ethos.

After a sabbatical deep in the heart of Texas, Ralph Malanga, the voice of Footstone, returned to the Garden State with an itch for rock. He approached FRC singer Sean Adams and bassist Brian Musikoff and pitched his vision – kind of like a vocal version of dueling banjos. With Marshalls cranked, the trio began crafting up-tempo, melodic songs with an edge. After an exhaustive search, Hoboken, NJ’s cool jazz cat Pete Martinez (ex-Coffin Daggers) joined the group on drums, adding a higher level of proficiency and sophistication.

With the players in place it was time for a name. Since the band rehearses in the oldest settled area of the State, it seemed fitting to choose a moniker that paid homage to their northeastern Jersey roots. Not far from the band’s rehearsal studio in Jersey City’s Journal Square section is the liquor store where Sean worked as a teenager, called Stuyvesant Liquors. Just a few blocks from there is a status of Peter Stuyvesant (Peg Leg Pete), an early Governor of New Amsterdam and New Bergen (present-day Lower Manhattan and the surrounding NJ territory). Peg Leg Pete was a stern fellow, a law an order man who lost his lower appendage to a cannonball. We’ll probably never know if he would approve of boisterous rock and roll, but on February 5, 1663, Peter Stuyvesant did grant the first charter for a brewery in America – it was in Hoboken, NJ. That being the case, Stuyvesant (the band) thinks Stuyvesant (the man) would be down for a good time.

In late 2005 Stuyvesant released their debut, Quit More Often, on Manual Phono. This EP brought them accolades from critics and comparisons to some of their influences, including Soul Asylum and The Lemonheads.

In April 2008 the band released its first full-length CD, Linden Calling, a 14-song juggernaut of pop goodness and rock crunchiness, with a hint of anger, desperation and self-loathing.

Newly signed to well-loved indie Dromedary Records, the band is poised to release Jihad Me At Hello, a digital EP of classic pop and rarities, which will be offered for free download as an intro to the band. The band is currently in the studio recording the followup, to be released by Dromedary in the fall.

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