Out Now - "Summer of Misguided Dynamite"

Thu May 26, 10:25 PM

New Noise Magazine says it best: “There’s something magical about the way music can make you feel. Certain styles and bands are what I call funk-proof. No matter where my mind, body, or soul are at, I am ready and willing to escape into whatever they are willing to provide. Cathedral Ceilings are at the top of that list now, due to their excellent (and wonderfully titled) Summer of Misguided Dynamite. They honestly sound like a Jersey punk band trying their hand at DC post-hardcore and California pop-punk at the same time, which makes for a record overflowing with great hooks and guitar work. It also helps immensely that Summer of Misguided Dynamite feels like a band of best friends having one or two (too many) and shooting the shit about the state of the world.

Yep. That’s just about right. We’re over the moon to present you with their debut release, which is out now on LP, limited edition LP with repurposed slipcovers hand-screened by King Mike of Screaming Females/New Planet Screen Printing, CD, and digital format of your choice.

Summer of Misguided Dynamite

Out Now - Heading North Again

Tue May 3, 07:20 PM

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Heading North Again, the latest album by our friend Guy Capecelatro III. We were fortunate enough to release Guy’s excellent album North for the Winter back in 2012, and on the ten-year anniversary of the release of that album, it is our pleasure to present you with 19 tracks from those same recording sessions, with new arrangements and instrumentations added on by Guy and his friends just a few weeks ago. The result is a beautiful collection of songs and stories that stand alone or in companion with its sister album. Stream it or buy it here

Coming Soon: "Heading North Again"

Wed Mar 30, 12:42 AM

We are beyond thrilled to be releasing Heading North Again, the new and also old album by Guy Capecelatro III – a wonderful sequel and companion to his 2012 Dromedary album North for the Winter. Click to read a bit about how it all happened.

Coming May 27: Cathedral Ceilings - "Summer of Misguided Dynamite"

Fri Mar 18, 11:09 PM

It’s time for the brand-new album from Cathedral Ceilings, Summer of Misguided Dynamite! Learn more, preview a track, and preorder today!

Summer of Misguided Dynamite

New cover: "Plainsong"

Fri Oct 15, 01:58 AM

The latest Smallpox cover to be added to The Covers Album is “Plainsong,” originally recorded by The Cure on their Disintigration LP.

It’s a dramatically different interpretation of the song, and one of our favorites from this project.

Believe it or not, we’ve only got 11 weeks left in 2021, so we’re spacing out the remaining covers a bit – we’re up to 20 now, which you can buy for a dollar each, or $18 for the whole kit and caboodle.

Yes, kit and caboodle.

Get ‘em at this link

Next up: "Caribou"

Thu Aug 5, 11:52 PM

It’s Bandcamp Day, and definitely time for a new cover from Smallpox. This week’s cover is the band’s take on “Caribou,” by The Pixies. Despite the fact that we know he’s a Pixies fan, when we asked Dan about this one, here’s what he said:


Two new Smallpox covers today!

Sun Jul 25, 04:38 PM

Check out “Drive” and “Eyes Without A Face,” the latest in the yearlong project from Smallpox called The Covers Album. We’ve been adding a new cover song to this ever-expanding album every other week (or so), and we’re up to 16 now. You can buy them for a buck each, or you can get every one of them (including the ones we’ll be adding as the year progresses) for $18. EIGHTEEN DOLLARS!

Go here:


Out Today: "I'm A Band!"

Fri Jul 9, 11:47 AM

The latest from Cathedral Ceilings, I’m A Band!, premieres today over at New Noise Magazine.

Quick bursts of heavy pop, you can pick it up on the digital format of your choice, or, if you act quickly, you can snag a limited-edition lathe-cut 7”, here

I'm A Band!

Fri Jul 2, 11:04 AM

It’s summertime, and there can’t be anything more summery than two blasts of power pop from Cathedral Ceilings. We’re happy to announce the pre-order of I’m A Band, the band’s second single.

The single is out July 9. Preorder yours today here

This week - Two Covers: Springsteen & Gabriel

Thu Jul 1, 04:24 PM

We missed a week of covers from Smallpox due to various busy-related issues. So this week we’ll bring you TWO different covers – one, of the Bruce Springsteen classic “I’m On Fire,” and a second, of Peter Gabriel’s “Red Rain.”

Listen to both tracks here. You can buy them for a dollar each, or you can buy the whole album for $18, and get the covers (there are 14 as of now) as we upload them every other week, plus the bonus tracks that we add from time to time.


Next up: "Come Pick Me Up"

Fri Jun 11, 09:44 AM

The latest track from Smallpox’ Covers Album is a cover of the Ryan Adams song “Come Pick Me Up.” Click to read more about the genesis of this cover from Daniel Smith.


Next up: "Voices Carry"

Thu May 20, 11:47 PM

The eleventh track we’re offering as part of The Covers Album by Smallpox is a reimagining of the 1985 track “Voices Carry,” by ‘Til Tuesday (one of our favorite songs as well).

You can get “Voices Carry” for just one dollar here, or pick up the entire album for $18 and have immediate access to each song as we upload them every other week (plus extras).

Check out the "Snowglobe" video!

Wed May 5, 11:48 AM

New Noise magazine was kind enough to premiere the video for “Snowglobe,” by Sugar Fight, calling the track “a wistful meditation on leaving the city, with melancholy that is belied by a joyful pop-punk melody and walls of guitar.”

You can read their comments here

Preorder Now: Sugar Fight

Mon Apr 26, 03:39 PM

We’re thrilled to announce our first project with musicians from New York’s Hudson Valley: a brand-new single by Sugar Fight.

You can learn more about the project by clicking the photo, or just preorder the disc now at our webstore

Next Up: "Steppin' Out"

Fri Apr 23, 10:28 AM

A brand-new installment in the Smallpox covers project, plus Al from Dromedary shares some memories of Joe Jackson’s early records, his later records, and the band’s re-interpretation of the elevator classic. Listen here

Happy 4/20 - Have a "Gummy Bear"

Tue Apr 20, 12:54 AM

Every once in a while we enjoy springing an unannounced release on you, so here’s a cool piece of psych from some of New Jersey’s indie rock royalty – Psych-O-Positive, whose new psychedelic single “Gummy Bear” is available today on limited-edition lathe-cut 7” and all digital formats via our webstore.


And now: "Dean's Dream"

Fri Apr 9, 01:31 PM

This week’s Smallpox cover is their version of the Dead Milkmen’s “Dean’s Dream.”

You can download it for a buck here – or buy the whole album, with a new download every other week, for $18.


Out Today: Civic Mimic

Fri Apr 2, 11:21 AM

When Jeff Hersch shared his first Civic Mimic release, it blew us away to the point where we almost immediately asked if he’d be into doing something on Dromedary. Deep Clean is the result of that initial discussion. Three outstanding songs that showcase the angsty, math-punk of Glazer but with a more angular edge. It’s available now in all digital and streaming formats, but we highly recommend the limited-edition lathe-cut 7”. Just be sure to pick it up quickly, because we don’t repress lathe-cuts – when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Civic Mimic

Brand new Civic Mimic video on Big Takeover!

Thu Apr 1, 11:57 AM

Big Takeover premieres the new track “New Paint” by Civic Mimic, from the Deep Clean single, which is out TOMORROW on all digital formats, plus limited-edition lathe-cut 7”.

Check it out here

Civic Mimic

Next up: "Don't Change"

Sun Mar 28, 04:28 PM

This week’s Smallpox cover is a song that virtually everybody likes.

It’s “Don’t Change,” originally recorded by INXS.

Stream it here, where you can buy the download for a dollar or the entire year’s worth of covers – so far, seven – for $18, and have immediate access as we upload them.


Preorder Now - Civic Mimic

Thu Mar 18, 05:33 PM

We’re thrilled to announce the latest installment in our limited-edition lathe-cut picture disc series: Deep Clean, by Civic Mimic. It’s a three-song picture disc! You can preorder it now, and we’d suggest you get one quick, because they’re super limited with no re-presses – and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Civic Mimic

And Now, for Something Completely Different

Fri Mar 12, 04:56 PM

If you’ve been following along, you know that since the beginning of the year, we’ve been releasing a new cover song by Smallpox every other week, which we are offering for a dollar each, or for $18 for the entire album, imaginatively called The Covers Album.

We can promise you that there will be some surprises, and this week’s cover is one of them: Olivia Newton-John’s “Hopelessly Devoted To You,” popularized on the soundtrack to the movie Grease.

Next up: "Tea in the Sahara"

Sun Feb 28, 01:30 AM

We’re a couple days late with this one, but the latest cover from Smallpox is a haunting version of “Tea in the Sahara,” originally recorded by The Police. Thus far, the covers they’ve chosen have been all over the map, but a Police cover seemed, well, the least likely. Except that they’re Daniel Smith’s favorite band.

Enjoy the cover here.

Out today: "Daydream Believer"

Fri Feb 12, 12:32 PM

If you told us we’d be releasing a cover of “Daydream Believer” at any point, well…

And yet here we are, this week’s cover from the Smallpox Covers Album project is exactly that – Daniel Smith’s take on the Monkees’ classic. Dan says “For a minute, try to forget that The Monkees were the original corporate boy band. Forget that without the cheesy television show, they were just another cheap imitation of The Beatles. Forget that they didn’t write or record their own songs. Or even play their own instruments.”


Out today: "Broken Glass"

Fri Feb 5, 12:00 PM

We are thrilled to release “Broken Glass,” the latest single by our friends Speed the Plough.

Another beautiful song from their wildly inventive series of monthly singles that they’ve released during the pandemic, this one featuring vocal contributions from Mayssa Jallad (Safar), guitar from Matt Davis (Campfire Flies, The Thousand Pities), and bass from Dan Francia.