Next up: "Tea in the Sahara"

Sun Feb 28, 01:30 AM

We’re a couple days late with this one, but the latest cover from Smallpox is a haunting version of “Tea in the Sahara,” originally recorded by The Police. Thus far, the covers they’ve chosen have been all over the map, but a Police cover seemed, well, the least likely. Except that they’re Daniel Smith’s favorite band.

Enjoy the cover here.

Out today: "Daydream Believer"

Fri Feb 12, 12:32 PM

If you told us we’d be releasing a cover of “Daydream Believer” at any point, well…

And yet here we are, this week’s cover from the Smallpox Covers Album project is exactly that – Daniel Smith’s take on the Monkees’ classic. Dan says “For a minute, try to forget that The Monkees were the original corporate boy band. Forget that without the cheesy television show, they were just another cheap imitation of The Beatles. Forget that they didn’t write or record their own songs. Or even play their own instruments.”


Out today: "Broken Glass"

Fri Feb 5, 12:00 PM

We are thrilled to release “Broken Glass,” the latest single by our friends Speed the Plough.

Another beautiful song from their wildly inventive series of monthly singles that they’ve released during the pandemic, this one featuring vocal contributions from Mayssa Jallad (Safar), guitar from Matt Davis (Campfire Flies, The Thousand Pities), and bass from Dan Francia.

Smallpox pays tribute to Josh Silverman

Thu Feb 4, 10:02 AM

Daniel Smith, former bass player in Shirk Circus is the driving force behind Smallpox. As part of a series of covers we are releasing throughout 2021, Smallpox chose to record the Shirk Circus song “#10 (Under Acme)”, which we are releasing today as a free download. Click here to read Dan’s remembrance of Shirk Circus.

On Deck: Speed the Plough - "Broken Glass"

Fri Jan 29, 05:15 PM

We’re thrilled to announce the amazing next installment of our lathe-cut 7” series: “Broken Glass,” by New Jersey chamber-pop veterans Speed the Plough. Featuring guest vocals by Mayssa Jallad of the Beirut-based band Safar, we’ll be releasing it on limited-edition lathe-cut 7” and through both the Dromedary and Speed the Plough Bandcamp pages. It’s available for preorder now, with a February 5 release. Like all our lathe-cuts, this is a limited edition release with no re-presses: once they’re gone, they’re gone, so get your copy quick!

Out today: "Driver 8"

Fri Jan 29, 11:12 AM

The latest installment in the Smallpox series of covers is “Driver 8,” an outstanding take on the classic R.E.M. song. Guitarist/vocalist Daniel Smith explains his love of the song.

You can stream the song here where it is available for download for just one dollar. The full album, imaginatively titled The Covers Album, is available for $18 and gets you a new download every other week, plus a few extras throughout the year.

Out today: "Mad World"

Fri Jan 15, 11:25 AM

The first track from the yearlong covers project by Smallpox, an aggressive version of Tears For Fears’ “Mad World,” is out today. The track was written by Roland Orzabal and originally appears on the 1983 Tears For Fears album The Hurting. You probably know it best because of the Michael Andrews/Gary Jules cover that appeared on the soundtrack to the film Donnie Darko in 2001.


New For 2021 - Smallpox - "The Covers Album"

Thu Jan 14, 12:24 PM

Smallpox is an open-ended, modern rock collaborative formed in 2019, featuring former members of Cupid and Psyche, Shirk Circus, The 65’s and The Subway Surfers.

Smallpox has been building a small library of excellent cover songs, and we feel like they deserve to be heard. 2020 was a miserable year by just about all accounts – heading into 2021, we all want a return to something familiar, something less, well, tense.


Coming January 1 - Stuyvesant: Crow

Wed Dec 30, 12:38 PM

We thought it would be a good idea to start the year off with some good mojo right away, so on New Year’s Day we will be releasing the latest single from StuyvesantCrow.

Stuyvesant - Crow

Out Now: Must Be Santa/Must Be Satan

Sat Dec 19, 05:56 PM

We’ve been a record label for 27 years, and we’ve never released a Christmas record. Sleep in heavenly CHAOS!

Must Be Santa

Introducing "I Feel Love"

Wed Nov 4, 12:33 PM

Hoboken, NJ — October 9, 2020 — Wading through the darkness, inequality, hatred,
divisiveness, suddenly you feel something… different… bubbling up. You feel… love. And the
pulsing soundtrack is the Karyn Kuhl Band’s thrilling new cover of the disco-electro classic “I
Feel Love.” The song is being issued by Dromedary Records as a strictly limited-edition
lathe-cut 7” single, with complimentary digital download.

Karyn Kuhl Band

Out Now: Thanks For the Guitar, Mommy!

Fri Oct 23, 10:46 AM

Our newest single is out today, two lightning-fast doses of blistering pop from Cathedral Ceilings. The lathe cut 7” sold out in 24 hours, but you can still get the download. Find out what’s got everyone so excited, check it out here

Look At My Records premieres Cathedral Ceilings!

Thu Oct 22, 11:38 AM

“The two songs clock in at under three minutes combined, but their brevity and immediacy are key parts of their strengths. They both hone in on the kind of infectious and melodic guitar hooks that are unrelenting and fast, allowing each song’s catchy riffs and rhythms to fester.”

Coming Soon - Cathedral Ceilings

Sun Oct 11, 10:28 PM

We are beyond stoked to let you know about our newest band: Cathedral Ceilings.

The songs are beastly blasts of bombastic bubblegum, fast and anthemic songs sometimes conceived, written and finished right there in the band’s rehearsal studio in one sitting. You can hear the enthusiasm in the playing, these NJ punk vets playing like it was their first band. It’s as much fun as anything we’ve ever put out.

The Village Sun writes about "Garden Variety Fuckers"

Thu Aug 27, 10:47 AM

Thanks to John Pietaro of The Village Sun for his kind review of Garden Variety Fuckers

You can read the entire review here

MAGNET premieres "Owls"

Fri Aug 21, 10:28 AM

Thanks to Magnet Magazine for premiering “Owls,” the latest video from You, Me, and This Fuckin’ Guy, directed by Steve Hanft (Beck, The Cure).

Check out the video premiere here

A song a day.

Thu Aug 20, 01:01 AM

The next 75 days are going to totally suck, so I’m going to try and do a thing to make it better. Click herewith, and join me on the journey.

Out Now - Stuyvesant!

Thu Aug 6, 09:21 PM

“Hard-charging, fist-pumping, turbo-suburbo-rock.” -Big Takeover Magazine

What?! New Stuyvesant? Preorder TODAY!

Fri Jul 17, 12:00 AM


A new Stuyvesant single?

Yep. Allow us to introduce you to Bison, the next record in our limited-edition lathe-cut series, and the second in Stuyvesant’s “Safari Card series. It’s out on August 7, but you can order your copy today – limited to just 40, so get yours while the gettin’ is good!

New lyric video from TFG

Thu Jul 16, 12:10 PM

Check out the new lyric video for You, Me and This Fuckin’ Guy. The latest video directed by Azalia Snail, this one is for “Bike.”

Their debut album, _Garden Variety Fuckers”, is out now on Dromedary. The record is now available from Midheaven Mailorder (stores can order through Revolver Distribution).

Out today - Savak!

Fri Jul 3, 11:41 AM

Get your copy of “The Point of the Point” before they’re all gone – and they will be all gone. Limited to just 100 copies, this handmade 8” lathe-cut is the latest gorgeous piece of art, with a design by Eli Kasan of Pittsburgh’s The Gotobeds and music by the outstanding Savak. We are thrilled to be releasing the latest title from this outstanding band – pick up your copy today!

Big Takeover Premieres Savak

Thu Jul 2, 05:18 PM

Check out “The Point of the Point” w/“Checked Out,” our newest lathe-cut, this one from the outstanding Brooklyn band Savak. We’ve been champing at the bit to get this one to you, our third release of the apocalypse. The tracks premiered on Jack Rabid’s outstanding Big Takeover magazine, and the limited-edition 8” will officially release July 3 (though we’ve been shipping them for a week).

It's June 19 - Buy from us today!

Fri Jun 19, 10:44 AM

Many know that Bandcamp is donating all its proceeds on Juneteenth to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. We’ll also be donating our share of proceeds to Rise Up Kingston, an organization in our community devoted to dismantling the structures of racism and oppression. Please click for more.

Preorder now: "The Point of the Point"

Fri Jun 19, 10:39 AM

Coming July 3, “The Point of the Point” w/“Checked Out”, a new single by Brooklyn’s SAVAK. You can preorder today, with Bandcamp donating all today’s proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Dromedary donating all proceeds to Rise Up Kingston. Available in limited-edition lathe-cut picture disc (limited to 100 copies), and on all digital formats, either from Dromedary, directly from the band, or from all giant, soulless corporate platforms. These will sell out quickly, reserve your copy today!

Out today - Glazer!

Fri Jun 19, 10:27 AM

After a self-imposed delay, we’re proud to OFFICIALLY release “Bait” w/“Couch Cooking,” the new single by one of our favorite bands, Glazer. The record is available via high-resolution download and on all streaming platforms, and is also available as a limited-edition 8” lathe-cut (8 inches because Glazer’s sound is too damn big for 7”).

Get your copy at this link today.