Announcing: Jihad Me At Hello

Tue Jun 29, 10:50 PM

On the heels of the announcement of Stuyvesant’s signing to Dromedary, we’re pleased to announce the imminent release of Jihad Me At Hello, a digital EP that we’ll be making available to you for FREE download.

We love this band. We love this band so much that we want you to know about them. And so we’ve collected a few of their very best songs, a couple of rarities and unreleased tracks, and a demo from their forthcoming Dromedary full-length, put them together in one hysterically-titled digital EP that should serve as an excellent introduction to the band’s masterful brand of powerful pop.

This is the band that The Big Takeover called “A zillion times over more smart and more sincere than the latest batch of ersatz flakes hogging into the limelight.” The band that Used Wigs said “…have the nice gravelly edge of Armchair Martian and evokes Ted Leo at his hyper-melodic best.”

And it’s the band that Jersey punk icon Jim Testa called a “NJ supergroup,” with “two talented singer/guitarists with slightly different styles and some powerhouse songs that make wonderful use of everyone’s talents.”

You need to hear this band.

Stay tuned, the single “Bi-Polar Bears” is right around the corner.

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