Out Now - Stuyvesant!

Thu Aug 6, 09:21 PM

A new two-song lathe-cut picture disc by Stuyvesant is out today. Pick up “Bison,” the second in the Safari Card series, featuring “Miles On These Shoes” and “This is the End,” two brand-new blasts of sugar from the band Big Takeover calls “Hard-charging, fist-pumping, turbo-suburbo-rock.”

With artwork designed by former Stuyvesant bass player Brian Musikoff, “Bison” is available in the digital format of your choice, or as a limited-edition lathe-cut 7”. We only pressed 40 copies of these, and when they’re gone, there will be no re-presses, so if the physical, tangible piece of art has any degree of importance to you, GET YOUR COPY TODAY!

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