Out Now - "Summer of Misguided Dynamite"

Thu May 26, 10:25 PM
Summer of Misguided Dynamite

New Noise Magazine says it best: “There’s something magical about the way music can make you feel. Certain styles and bands are what I call funk-proof. No matter where my mind, body, or soul are at, I am ready and willing to escape into whatever they are willing to provide. Cathedral Ceilings are at the top of that list now, due to their excellent (and wonderfully titled) Summer of Misguided Dynamite. They honestly sound like a Jersey punk band trying their hand at DC post-hardcore and California pop-punk at the same time, which makes for a record overflowing with great hooks and guitar work. It also helps immensely that Summer of Misguided Dynamite feels like a band of best friends having one or two (too many) and shooting the shit about the state of the world.

Yep. That’s just about right. We’re over the moon to present you with their debut release, which is out now on LP, limited edition LP with repurposed slipcovers hand-screened by King Mike of Screaming Females/New Planet Screen Printing, CD, and digital format of your choice.

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