Fri May 8, 10:57 AM

We’re beyond stoked to announce the next installment of our limited-edition lathe-cut series: New Jersey’s outstanding Glazer. A longtime favorite of ours, the New Brunswick trio have released a number of outstanding LPs, cassettes and 7“s over the years, most recently on the outstanding State Champion Records label. Their sound is huge, with clear Polvo and Unwound influences but a style all their own.



Fri Apr 17, 10:56 AM

Today is the street date for Garden Variety Fuckers, the debut LP from You, Me, and This Fuckin’ Guy, the latest project from John S. Hall (King Missile), Azalia Snail and Dan West (Lovey Dove).

Available for Preorder: "Garden Variety Fuckers"

Thu Apr 9, 12:07 PM

You can now preorder Garden Variety Fuckers, the debut LP by You, Me and This Fuckin’ Guy.

We are making 50 copies available on limited-edition, green splatter vinyl for our mail-order customers only. The remaining copies will be on traditional black vinyl. The album is also available as a high-resolution digital download.


Fri Jan 24, 12:39 PM

“Garden,” the brand-new single from You, Me and This Fuckin’ Guy is out now, on super-limited lathe-cut 7” and all digital and streaming formats.

Preorder You, Me and This Fuckin' Guy!

Mon Jan 6, 11:43 AM

“Garden,” the new single from You, Me, and This Fuckin’ Guy, is available for preorder now, with a release date of January 24, 2020.

You can order it at this link in the digital format of your choice, or you can reserve one of the uber-limited lathe-cut 7” plexiglas picture discs! Limited to just 50 copies, the 7” is a one-time only pressing, and when we’re out, we’re out, and you’ll have to buy them at a premium on Discogs!

Introducing You, Me, and This Fuckin' Guy

Tue Dec 10, 04:27 PM

We’re thrilled to introduce *You, Me, and This Fuckin’ Guy” – a new musical project by John S. Hall of King Missile, with Azalia Snail and Dan West of LoveyDove.

Dagger 'Zine Reviews Stuyvesant

Sun Nov 17, 11:04 AM

“These NJ gents have been at it for a while and should be more well known than they are. The songs are good, occasionally very good, as in the case of these two songs.”


Fri Nov 8, 12:09 AM

Aardvark, the brand-new single from Stuyvesant, is out now, on limited-edition lathe-cut 7” and all digital and streaming formats.

Give a listen to the band’s latest hook-laden pop right here.

The Big Takeover Premieres Stuyvesant

Thu Nov 7, 11:28 AM

Thanks to our friends at The Big Takeover for hosting the premiere of “Dirty Looks,” the lead track from the new Stuyvesant Aardvark single. Click here, and then there, to hear it!

Pretty sure that “taut, chunky rhythm, a catchy melody, and soaring vocals that will make you want to jump around and air guitar like a damn fool” is the best description of Stuyvesant’s music that we’ve ever read.


Preorder Stuyvesant Now!

Fri Oct 25, 11:31 AM

The Stuyvesant “Aardvark” single is available for preorder now, with a release date of November 8, 2019.

The single is available in all digital formats, as well as a limited-edition lathe-cut 7”. Limited to 40 copies, the artwork was designed by former Stuyvesant bass player Brian Musikoff, with the artwork intended to be the first in a series of 7” releases with the band, each resembling the old “Safari cards” of the 1970s. The record was recorded at Moonlight Mile studios in Hoboken, NJ, with longtime Stuyvesant engineer Mike Moebius at the knobs.

Coming Soon - STUYVESANT!

Mon Oct 7, 10:27 AM

We’re beyond stoked to announce the next 7” in our lathe-cut project will be a brand-new single from our flagship band, the mighty STUYVESANT. It’ll be their first new music since the release of their “Don’t” single two years ago! Stay tuned for more info – preorders will be available October 25!

Jersey Beat Premieres Sink Tapes!

Fri Jul 26, 11:43 AM

Thanks to Jim Testa of the long-running Jersey Beat zine for premiering the “Drac / Witch” 7” from Sink Tapes. Jim says the single floats “somewhere between eighties jangle-pop and nineties slacker-rock, recalling the poppier side of Yo La Tengo.” Flattery will get you everywhere, Jim.

Sink Tapes

Preorder "Drac / Witch" Today!

Sat Jul 13, 02:18 PM

Sink Tapes’ upcoming single “Drac / Witch” is available for preorder in limited-edition lathe-cut 7” and all digital formats NOW.

Sink Tapes

Coming Soon - Sink Tapes!

Wed Jun 26, 10:50 AM

Drill down to learn more about the latest installment in our limited-edition lathe-cut 7” series – a double A-side picture disc 7” by New Jersey’s Sink Tapes. Street date is July 26, 2019, with another super-limited run of gorgeous handmade discs to spin on your turntable!

Sink Tapes

Out Now: "Personality Crisis" by The 65's

Tue May 28, 09:40 AM

Our disgust with the current healthcare system in America knows no bounds. Even more so when we learned the sad news that New York Dolls guitarist Sylvain Sylvain is suffering from cancer, and is seeking help from friends and fans via GoFundMe.

Our mutual disillusionment – and appreciation for the legends that created the music we love – caused us to team up with our friends at Pyrrhic Victory Recordings to release a dynamite cover of the Dolls’ “Personality Crisis,” with every penny raised from sales donated directly to Sylvain’s GoFundMe.

SOLD OUT. But wait - there's more!

Fri May 17, 04:46 PM

We are all sold out of “Teenage Waistline” 7“s! But there are still a few ways for you to get the music. Click for details.

Positive No - Teenage Waistline

Preorder "Teenage Waistline" Today!

Tue Apr 30, 04:58 PM

Positive No’s upcoming single “Teenage Waistline” is available for preorder in limited-edition lathe-cut 7” and all digital formats NOW!

Positive No - Teenage Waistline

Positive No Release Party and Tour Dates

Tue Apr 23, 10:47 AM

Positive No have announce a string of dates up the cost, in support of the “Teenage Waistline” single we’re releasing next month, beginning with their official release party, which will be on May 23 at Bandito’s in Richmond. FREE admission, plus tacos! TACOS!

Positive No

New Gotobeds Track Featuring Tracy Wilson

Wed Apr 10, 11:54 AM

Tracy Wilson of Positive No provides guest vocals on this excellent new track from Pittsburgh’s The Gotobeds. Check out the video here (in which the band – but not Tracy – get maced in the face).

Positive No

Coming Soon - Positive No!

Wed Mar 27, 11:49 AM

We’re thrilled to announce the next installment in our lathe-cut project: a brand-new single from Richmond, VA’s awesome Positive No!

Positive No

Favorite Records of 2018

Fri Dec 28, 02:10 PM

I’m on a big “music media is driven by publicists and small bands don’t have access” kick lately, though, and as a result I think that – even though some of the records I heard and loved this year probably reached my ears due to those very same publicists – it’s worth listing my faves in a place where people can actually read them. So:

Tired of the bullshit?

Thu Oct 25, 11:32 AM

We’re hosting two fundraisers for Justice Democrats where you can contribute to the campaigns of two local progressive congressional candidates and volunteer to help campaign for 24 more nationwide, in the weeks before Election Day. Plus you can see seven GREAT bands, maybe the best bills we’ve ever hosted.

Big Takeover Premieres Joy Cleaner's "Easter Tuesday!"

Thu Oct 18, 12:21 PM

Our pals at Jack Rabid’s outstanding Big Takeover magazine have premiered the new single and video by Joy Cleaner, “Easter Tuesday.”

Joy Cleaner on Tour!

Fri Oct 12, 12:24 PM

Northeast show dates and a brand-new video, coming soon!

There's still time to register.

Mon Oct 8, 10:04 PM

Let’s fix this. Are you registered to vote?

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