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Penguins Kill Polar Bears

“Penguins Kill Polar Bears deservedly follow in the footsteps of groups like Aereogramme, Biffy Clyro and newer friends and contemporaries like The XCerts.” -The Scotsman

One of Scotland’s most exciting young bands of the early 2010s, Penguins Kill Polar Bears teamed up with Dromedary in 2011 to release Vessels & Veins in North America as an intro to this great band. The US version of the EP was released in March of 2011 on CD and digital download.


Positive No

Positive No created melodic, unpredictable pop balanced with tension and energy. The songwriting focus isn’t just about producing melodies performed as if it were their last day on earth or pounding out rhythmic twists and turns. Each note, beat, and breath is meticulously spaced so the room between the notes is as important as the ones played all together. It might be tempting to assume these musicians were heavily influenced by the heavy guitar indie rock of The Breeders or the melodic post-hardcore of Fugazi in the ‚’90s. However, the reality is they were among those artists shaping underground music at the time. This band is not a tribute to the golden age of independent music; they are the same people who helped to created it in the first place. Positive No was a continuation of DIY veterans writing emotionally raw and dynamic songs with lyrics that are as thoughtful as the music. The unique language developed between the band members is like that of a well-established family.



A self-described “psychedelic cave punk band” based out of Hoboken, NJ.

Few bands have enjoyed the level of anticipation that surrounded the first public performance of the Hoboken, NJ-based indie quintet, Psych-O-Positive. The buzz was palpable nearing their March 2017 debut gig at Maxwell’s Tavern in Hoboken.

Celebrating convalescence with a benefit concert for beloved writer and internet radio host Jack Silbert, The Hudson Reporter, and HMag Lifestyle magazine all reported on the appearance of Hoboken’s supergroup before they ever hit the stage.

Self-described as “psychedelic cave punk,” a term coined by drummer Karyn Kuhl, the band was formed by musician Debby Schwartz, best known as lead singer and guitarist for the band The Aquanettas and bass player for the P.G. Six Band, as well as for her solo career at both Mercury and Twin Lakes Records. Schwartz is the driving creative force behind the band, and was able to bring a powerful group of accomplished musicians together to create a new subgenera of punk, blending political and psychedelic music.

Drummer Karyn Kuhl is also the critically acclaimed guitarist, singer and songwriter of the eponymous Karyn Kuhl Band. She formerly fronted NJ bank bands Gut Bank and Sexpod. Her drumming style is powerfully primitive, owing largely to her punk roots. Journalists and music scene regulars are consistently thrilled to see Karyn behind the drums.

Guitarist Andy Gilchrist lives across the river in NYC. In his youth he was a founding member of AndyPanda, The Troals and The Milky Substance. Later, he would go on to form the legendary New York City antilock band The Sprinkle Genies, playing regularly at Sidewalk Cafe and CBGB. He provides vocals as well as lead guitar, and has often been described as part cephalopod and part 70s Nauga Monster.

Judy Ann Nock, also from New York City, plays the electric sitar, bringing a decidedly distinct psychedelic vibe to the band. Before joining Psych-O-Positive, Judy was the lead singer and guitarist for the 1990s East Village rock band tranceSenders, best known for their extended hedonistic residencies at Hilly Kristal’s art club adjacent to CBGB, CB’s Gallery 313, where they played regularly every Friday night. Judy Ann is also an author of the Modern Witchcraft series of books published by Simon & Schuster. As one of the lyricsts for the band, listeners can sometimes uncover occult references and witchy vibes in her contributions to the band.

Louie Zhelesnik began his career in the band Seven Goat Day and went on to participate in The Postman Opera. He plays guitar in Psych-O-Positive, creating layered sonic soundscapes that cement the psychedelia. Louie is also the band manager, bringing a wealth of creative acumen to the band’s gitigal presence. Best known for large-scale multimedia art events, Louie has also been the driving force behind events such as Exhibit October and has been known to produce popup speakeasies, as he is a master at making a scene.


David Rat

DAVID RAT was an expatriate American author and former drummer/composer for pioneering New York No Wave legends RAT AT RAT R. Rat At Rat R were the third in an unholy triumvirate (along with Swans and Sonic Youth) which was a major force in New York City noise rock in the early to mid ’80s and helped establish alternative music as we know it today. His checkered past (though a little blurry) is filled with tiny glimpses of beauty, trash, misery, hate and hope. David passed away in March of 2018 and we miss him terribly.



Hopped up on a steady diet of everything, SAVAK formed in 2015 by
members of Obits, Holy Fuck, and The Cops. Their “The Point of the Point” 8″ lathe cut was SAVAK’s 3rd release in 2020, following on the heels of their 4th LP, Rotting Teeth in the Horse’s Mouth, and the “Feel What You Feel” 7″ single. These two songs were recorded as part of the Rotting Teeth sessions, but made more sense as a separate release, and Dromedary stepped in to do just that. Anthony Roman from Radio 4 played bass on “The Point of the Point.” Eli Kasan from the Gotobeds did the cover

RIYL: Minutemen, Wire, Mission of Burma, The Sound, The dB’s, Cleaners From Venus.

Press Quotes:

“A potent and pointed agitpop racket which manages to balance the dark and moody with the catchy as fuck.” –Noisey

“Superior twin-guitar slash action from members of Obits, Make-Up,
Holy Fuck et al. Adding Saints-worthy brass on standout Early Western Traders boosts the prevailing Wipers-do-Joe Jackson aura. Four stars!” –MOJO

“Dread-fueled, post-punk angst tempered with catchy hooks.” -Magnet

“Committed to making a righteous punk noise… matching elements of UK post-punk… the band also nod towards the 80s US underground.” –Clash

“Queasy, claustrophobic noise-rock with endlessly astute observations
on the modern world.” –Louder

“A smeared Venn diagram of garage rock, DC hardcore and the more
chaotic side of jazz with a twist of psychedelia.” –Northern

(photo: Taylor Sesselman)


Sink Tapes

Sink Tapes formed in 2009. With 20+ releases over ten years of writing, recording and performing in the U.S. and Canada, the group now lives on in the form of primary singer/songwriter Gabe Chiarello. Originally hailing from New Brunswick, NJ, Chiarello’s multi-instrumentalist approach to indie pop anthem-crafting waxes experimental and, at time, downright psychedelic. His double A-side single entitled “Drac / Witch” was released by Dromedary Records in 2019.