David Rat

David Rat

DAVID RAT is an expatriate American author and former drummer/composer for pioneering New York No Wave legends RAT AT RAT R. Rat At Rat R were the third in an unholy triumvirate (along with Swans and Sonic Youth) which was a major force in New York City noise rock in the early to mid ’80s and helped establish alternative music as we know it today. His checkered past (though a little blurry) is filled with tiny glimpses of beauty, trash, misery, hate and hope.

After years of relative obscurity, David has recently revived his career as an artist with a new memoir and a reissued, remastered edition of the first Rat At Rat R album Amer-Side. David has emigrated to Brazil, where in addition to being a recording artist and an author (his memoir, Happy Ending, is due out this fall), he has become a Professor de Inglês. Of his three careers, he enjoys and is most proud of his role as a teacher, because he believes encouraging young people is the single most effective way he can make a difference. By helping them to believe in themselves and communicate more effectively on a global scale, they can form bonds and friendships around the world and work together to achieve a more peaceful and compassionate existence.

David is currently enjoying the kindness, warmth and sunshine of South America along with his wife Gracie, stepdaughter Nathalie and border collie Lady. David also has a 3 year old son James in the United Kingdom, who is the love of his life and has been the inspiration for most of his recent work.

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