Next up: “Come Pick Me Up”

The latest track from Smallpox’ _Covers Album_ is a cover of the Ryan Adams song “Come Pick Me Up.”

Daniel Smith explains “One day, I’m at the Garden State Plaza (NJ shopping mall) and bump into a dear friend that I had lost track of years back. We exchange numbers and get in touch later that day to make plans. That night, I go over to his place, and we sit out back with a bottle of Jameson and he asks me if I’d heard of Whiskeytown. I had heard of, but hadn’t actually heard them, which was kind of by choice. Truth was, the whole alt-country/no depression thing didn’t really interest me much. Then, he played me _Strangers Almanac_.”

“Had Bob and I taken recording these covers even a little seriously, we probably would’ve recorded ‘Avenues’ or maybe ‘Houses on a Hill.’ But since we were pretty much inebriated, you get ‘Come Pick Me Up’ instead.”