Out Today: Civic Mimic

Fri Apr 2, 11:21 AM
Civic Mimic

Last year, we were stoked to release the “Bait”/“Couch Cooking” 8” by New Jersey’s Glazer. We’d already thought they were among New Jersey’s best bands, and after playing their various records on the Signal to Noise radio show on WFDU and having them as guests, we got to know them a little and they’re among New Jersey’s nicest bands as well.

When Jeff Hersch shared his first Civic Mimic release, it blew us away to the point where we almost immediately asked if he’d be into doing something on Dromedary. Deep Clean is the result of that initial discussion. Three outstanding songs that showcase the angsty, math-punk of Glazer but with a more angular edge. It’s available now in all digital and streaming formats, but we highly recommend the limited-edition lathe-cut 7”. Just be sure to pick it up quickly, because we don’t repress lathe-cuts – when they’re gone, they’re gone!

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