Out Today: Civic Mimic

Last year, we were stoked to release the “Bait”/”Couch Cooking” 8″ by New Jersey’s *Glazer*. We’d already thought they were among New Jersey’s best bands, and after playing their various records on the *Signal to Noise* radio show on WFDU and having them as guests, we got to know them a little and they’re among New Jersey’s *nicest* bands as well.

When Jeff Hersch shared his first *Civic Mimic* release, it blew us away to the point where we almost immediately asked if he’d be into doing something on Dromedary. _Deep Clean_ is the result of that initial discussion. Three outstanding songs that showcase the angsty, math-punk of Glazer but with a more angular edge. It’s available now in all digital and streaming formats, but we highly recommend the limited-edition lathe-cut 7″. Just be sure to pick it up quickly, because we don’t repress lathe-cuts – when they’re gone, they’re gone!