A Great Pretense

In conjunction with the release of the free download of “Greatest Pretense,” the latest single from _Strike Hard!_, the debut album by *The 65’s*, songwriter Dan Smith was asked for some insight into the song’s meaning.

He responded with a short story, which we’re proud to share.

*A Great Pretense*

So much for chance meetings, as she shows up at your doorstep again, looking even more uncomfortable than you, if that’s even possible. But then, there’s no need for pleasantries when there’s whiskey so you just sit there and pretend to ignore all of her not-so-subtle glances until eventually she’s too close to push away. And, in truth, drunken conversations fueled by Jameson and Jack being what they are, things could be worse.

And, in truth, you don’t mind so much that she’s decided to invade your privacy, as she stands naked in your little place away from the world, surveying whatever she can through the darkness, both literal and otherwise. And you pretend not to notice just how green her eyes can be in certain lighting. You tell yourself that you’re not affected by the way she whispers when you’re inside her and forgo the need to hold her while she sleeps.

But the next morning, when it’s all too much to talk about love, you send her away and try not to give it a second thought. You keep telling yourself that you don’t need it anymore. You tell yourself lots of things these days, whatever it takes to get free. And, who knows, maybe one day she’ll realize that you love her too.

*Download it here for free*