Coming Soon – Cathedral Ceilings

We are beyond stoked to let you know about our newest band: *Cathedral Ceilings*.

All three of these guys would bristle at the term “New Jersey punk supergroup,” so we’ll just tell you who they are: Ralph from Stuyvesant on guitar and vocals, Nick from Overlake/Mr. Payday on drums, and Tom from Mr. Payday on bass. They got together with the idea of jamming as a side project, and pretty soon they were blasting out lightning-fast songs filled with power and singalong hooks. As their bio says, “Fueled by Ralphie’s infinite trove of riffs and melodies (and more beer), the songwriting was easy, free, and joyous. Like being teens in a band again, and the songs came just as quick.”

The songs are beastly blasts of bombastic bubblegum, fast and anthemic songs sometimes conceived, written and finished right there in the band’s rehearsal studio in one sitting. You can hear the enthusiasm in the playing, these NJ punk vets playing like it was their first band. It’s as much fun as anything we’ve ever put out.

We’ll be releasing _Thanks For the Guitar, Mommy_, the band’s first single, on limited-edition lathe-cut 7″ as well as all digital formats. The release date is October 23 but we’ll open it up for preorders this week, watch this space for more details.