Coming Soon – Delicate Friction!

We’re thrilled to announce the impending release of The Mommyheads’ first all-new full-length CD in more than a decade: *Delicate Friction*.

Recorded in 2010 for release in Scandinavia, the pop masterpiece continues the Mommyheads’ tradition of articulate, witty pop songs with an eclectic range of musical influences, from 1970s prog to modern indie rock, power pop, funk, boogie and punk.

The CD is one of six CDs that Dromedary will be releasing in the next six months, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the *Roots & Wings Foundation of New Jersey*. We’ll update you soon with more info about the Roots & Wings project.

Look for *Delicate Friction* this October, with a single before the end of summer!