Dromedary Inks Speed the Plough!

Indie rock has a very rich history in New Jersey. Few bands have been as much a part of that history as Speed the Plough. From their early days as The Trypes to their 2010 reincarnation, Speed the Plough’s brand of rustic songwriting brings in elements of folk, rock, psychedelia and jazz to create a comfortable, friendly musical quilt.

Check out what Jim Testa of the _Star-Ledger_ had to say about Speed the Plough recently:

“In the early years, Speed the Plough boasted an ever-changing lineup, sometimes playing with as many as nine members; band alumni include Brenda Sauter and Stan Demeski of the Feelies, rock journalist Jim DeRogatis, and musician John Neilson (whose credits include work with Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca).

“There’s less Jethro Tull and more Van Morrison to the band’s feel now, the overall sound more electric and acoustic; although – especially on the album – [Toni] Baumgartner’s delicate contributions on flute and woodwinds keep everything in the gossamer sphere of psychedlic folk.”

It is a complete thrill for us to bring you new music from New Jersey indie rock royalty. Look for a brand-new, full-length album from Speed the Plough this August!