Dromedary Records In The News!

The re-launch of Dromedary Records has been covered in a few cool online music sites over the past week. We’re posting them here, so you can read them all!

The day after our launch, we were the lead story on the “Sonic Scoop”:http://www.sonicscoop.com/?p=2749 website. What a great way to kick off the label.

Just a few days ago, our good friend Jim Testa of the legendary _Jersey Beat_ zine and website wrote a “feature story on Dromedary”:http://www.jerseybeat.com/ to coincide with our launch and with Footstone’s February 6 show at Maxwell’s.

Way back in 1992 when we first started, Jim was the first music journalist to do an interview with us, so it’s only fitting that he be the first music journalist to do an interview for Dromedary rev2.0.

And yesterday, the fine folks at _Blurt Online_ wrote what’s probably the best feature on Dromedary that there’s ever been. “Check out this story”:http://www.blurt-online.com/news/view/3224/ which as of this writing is still on the Blurt home page.

Thanks to these great sites for helping us spread the word!