Dromedary signs up d.smith!

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the signing of singer/songwriter/misanthrope d.smith. Formerly of Shirk Circus and The 65’s, smith is one of the greatest songwriters we know, his intensely personal and dark lyrics contrasting with his incredible pop sensibilities to create some truly fantastic music. We’ve been aware of his proficiency as a bassist since the earliest Shirk Circus records, but it was only after hearing the tracks “Greatest Pretense” and “Wherever You Are” from the 65’s LP _Strike Hard!_ that we learned of his songwriting brilliance.

In a few weeks we will be releasing “Worst Case Scenario,” the debut single from his forthcoming Dromedary CD _Groping For Luna, Vol. 1_. We’ll have a video for the track and the single will be available for free download.

Until then, smith and his collaborator, drummer Bobby Diamond, have given us a taste of their brilliance – and their influences – with this phenomenal cover of the Husker Du track “Flip Your Wig.”

Stream it here for free, and point your browser here for updates on the forthcoming d.smith album, which should provide the soundtrack for your summer.