Dromedary to Reissue The Mommyheads’ “Flying Suit” CD!

The Mommyheads were the biggest and most popular band ever to release a record on Dromedary. The _Flying Suit_ CD, initially released in 1995, sold out of three pressings within months, as the band toured the United States in Canada with the likes of The Posies and Guided By Voices. The CD went on to become an indie rock classic, receiving stellar reviews and college radio airplay everywhere.

When we reconnected with the band in mid 2009, we began talking about a re-release of _Flying Suit_ on Dromedary. Perhaps a European tour. And some additional tracks, to flesh out _Flying Suit_ with some additional songs recorded and released during that period – including “Day Job,” the song that rocked our world throughout 1993. And the songs were all remastered beautifully, bringing out elements of the music that we’d never heard before. What a fantastic album.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that this May, we will be re-releasing the classic _Flying Suit_ CD, *completely and beautifully remastered*, with *three additional tracks*. Even if you own the original _Flying Suit_ you’ll owe it to yourself to pick up the 2010 version – each track sounds phenomenally better, and the three additional tracks – each one an early ’90s classic from the band – round out this incredibly-crafted, articulate pop masterpiece.

For a sneak preview of the beauty of the remastered _Flying Suit_, check out the track “Spiders” from the Dromedary compilation _Make the Load Lighter: Indie Rock for Haiti_. Then sit back and wait patiently – we’ll have the new version streaming this Spring.

And for you Mommyheads fans in northern Europe who have waited for years to see the band, your wait is almost over. We’re proud to announce the The Mommyheads will be *touring* Scandinavia this Spring!