French Toast!

Cuppa Joe (or at least two-thirds of Cuppa Joe), this past Thanksgiving of 2009, playing their classic “French Toast.” This is one of the only recordings of Doug and Steve performing Cuppa Joe songs in nearly a decade.

“French Toast” was one of the songs on Cuppa Joe’s 1993 _busy work e.p._ initially released by Dromedary on vinyl, with charming, hand-colored covers.

Stay tuned, because Dromedary will be giving away a fresh, digital copy of _busy work_ right here on the Dromedary website.

And for those of you who still want the actual artifact, we have a few of the *original* seven-inch vinyl records, complete with those unique covers, hand-colored in a pizza-fueled frenzy by the band in Dromedary’s living room way back in the spring of 1993. We’ll make those available for sale as well.

And don’t forget – _Nurture_ is coming soon, and there will be some pretty special surprises – if you already have a copy, you’re going to want this one, too!