Get big discounts for Indiependence Day!

(with thanks to Greg Ginn and SST Records for the bumper sticker, circa 1990)

The brainchild of a friend of the NJ/NY indie music scene, *Indiependence Day* seeks to recognize independent artists and labels by asking music fans to *BUY INDEPENDENT* on July 4, 2012.

According to organizer Mike Daly, “When you buy music by an independent label or artist, you’re supporting a small business. In many cases, you can have a direct and meaningful impact on someone’s livelihood by buying their music and recommending it to others. Please support indie labels and musicians on the day our nation celebrates its independence. Because freedom isn’t free, and music shouldn’t be, either.”

We couldn’t agree more.

On July 4, for *one day only,* we’re going to offer you *50% off* any title that you buy from our online store. That goes for CDs or downloads. And, as always, we’ll be sure to include some goodies with each order.

When checking out, to redeem your discount, enter the coupon code *INDIE2012*.

The 50% discount is good for whatever music you buy – no matter how much, or how little, you get it half price*. The discount code is only good on our website, and it expires at midnight on July 5 – so be sure to place your order *ON JULY 4.*

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* – discount does not apply to merch – music only!