Long-time participants of the famed New Brunswick basement scene, Glazer emerged in early 2014. After solidifying their line-up in 2016, Glazer began developing new material, and recorded a four-song EP titled Repeat Sequence, self-releasing it on tape. Since then, the band has continued to develop their disjointed, frenzied composition style, paired with their pensive lyrical content. 2017 saw the release of On a Prairie, Live in the Dirt, their first full length, on Screaming Females’ Mike Abbate’s (and partner’s) imprint State Champion Records, followed by a split 7″ with Spowder, on the same label.

Kayla Greet of Razorcake says: “Dare I say there’s a little Dino Jr. and Sonic Youth mixing in with layered My Bloody Valentine guitar effects. For how all over the place this record is, once you make it to the end you can fully see the through line they built into these songs. It’s really a neat and tightly packed gift, but assembled with heavy, psychedelic, and out of control elements.”


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