Haiti Benefit Compilation – Track Listing!

We’re proud to announce the track listing for _Make the Load Lighter: Indie Rock for Haiti_.

The compilation will be released on WEDNESDAY, February 3 on the Dromedary website, and shortly thereafter at all finer online music retailers. All proceeds will be donated to Vwa Ayiti (Voice of Haiti).

The track listing is as follows:

1. Footstone: “For the Boss”
2. Boss Jim Gettys: “With a Smile”
3. Cuppa Joe: “Taniqua”
4. Moviola: “Calling on the Line”
5. Three Blind Wolves: “Sex is for Losers”
6. Paula Carino: “The Great Depression”
7. Wallendas: “Adrianne”
8. The Neutron Drivers: “All Around the Sun”
9. The Dark Brothers: “Knee Deep in Sin”
10. There Will Be Fireworks: “Foreign Thoughts”
11. Gena Rowlands Band: “Fuckups of the World Unite”
12. The Mommyheads: “Spiders”
13. Farewell Singapore: “Blue”
14. Jenifer Convertible: “St. Pete”
15. lions.chase.tigers: “To Their Blood”
16. Stuyvesant: “Salieri”

These sixteen awesome songs will be yours for just $9.99 if you purchase them from the Dromedary website beginning February 3!