Introducing The 65’s!

Signing a new band is always fun, and announcing it is always exciting. But in this case, we’re literally jumping out of our skin.

*The 65’s* are a group of musicians that we’ve been listening to individually for _years_, and we’ve been watching them develop as a band since we relaunched the label in early 2010. Springing out of the ashes of the defunct alt-country band the Dark Brothers, singer/guitarist Joe Vocaturo and drummer John Steele (also ex-Electric Frankenstein) teamed with guitarist Dan Smith (ex-Shirk Circus and acoustic performer) and bassist Cindi Merklee (ex-Balloon Squad and longtime singer/songwriter) and immediately began writing and recording. Occasionally, Joe would feed us some demos just to whet our appetite, and we’d find ourselves listening over and over. And driving really, really fast.

How do I describe this band?

Well, first, they’re *loud*. Usually. But sometimes, they’re quiet.

And their songs are hard-driving pop songs. But with gritty, gruff vocals. Except when Dan or Cindi are singing, in which case the vocals are gentle and melodic. And the rhythm section is powerful and propulsive, driving the song forward like a bullet train. Except when they’re not playing at all, in which case they’re a quiet coffee house band.

Fuck it; there’s no way to describe this band. But man, when you hear them, their songs will ring in your head for _days_.

Stay tuned. _Strike Hard!_, their debut CD, will be out this winter. And before then, you’ll be able to hear their single “Walk On Selfishly” if you search a bit, because some impatient indie label guy might just leak it because he can’t wait for you to hear it.