Jim DeRogatis weighs in on Speed the Plough

We’ve admired the members of *Speed the Plough* for what seems like two decades (actually, it _is_ two decades), but it wasn’t until we actually became friends that we experienced the happiness and enthusiasm with which they create music.

Journalist Jim DeRogatis weighed in today on Speed the Plough’s _Shine,_ and as a former member of the band, you’d think it would be difficult for him to remain objective. But Mr. DeRogatis did an outstanding job describing the vibe of the band and its history, and describing _Shine_ as “possibly the best in the band’s discography.”

“The group hasn’t altered the formula it’s honed for more than three decades now: The ebb-and-flow crescendos, John’s slippery keyboard lines, Toni’s simple but beautiful flute and sax parts and angelic vocals, and Marc’s bedrock rhythm guitar sound exactly as they always have. But the fragile but insistent guitar leads, especially those from new member Ed Seifert, add a welcome edge, and songs such as “In My Book,” “Madeleine,” and “Sea of Tranquility” have a timeless, magical feel that places them among the very best the group has written.

You can read the entire glowing review “here.”:http://www.wbez.org/blog/jim-derogatis/2012-01-19/vortis-diaries-ghosts-bands-past-95654