MAGNET premieres “Owls”

Thanks to *Magnet Magazine* for premiering “Owls,” the latest video from *You, Me, and This Fuckin’ Guy*, directed by Steve Hanft (Beck, The Cure).

John S. Hall explains This Fuckin’ Guy thusly: “I was on Governors Island, being interviewed for a feature in Vice, and I was in a kind of silly mood,” he says. “A dragonfly flew by, and I said, ‘Look at that fucking dragonfly,’ using that silly, Long Island accent. And later that day, I wrote a poem, ‘Dragonfly,’ in that voice. I wrote more and more poems in that voice and named the character This Fuckin’ Guy. I grew up in an Italian neighborhood in New York, and I wrote in the voice of my classmates or Long Island Italians. The accent isn’t authentic, although I’m half Italian. I only ever talk like that in jest. But I thought it was funny to have a guy who was flabbergasted by nature but cursed all the time as part of his natural language. I thought of This Fuckin’ Guy as a nature poet. The album reflects that.”

Check out the video premiere “here”: