Mommyheads in The Big Takeover

Joseph Kyle of _Big Takeover_ magazine has remarked several times about the dramatic musical departure of The Mommyheads on _Vulnerable Boy_. The Mommyheads have always been one of indie rock’s more progressive bands, if “progressive” means “consistently evolving;” their style began as an experimental pop sound, slowly evolved into more straightforward, Beatlesque pop, eventually detouring into jam-band boogie. Since their 2008 reunion, however, they’ve been exploring similar avant garde territory to Deerhoof and Radiohead, while simultaneously looking backward, to the prog-rock sounds of early Genesis and King Crimson.

So now you could say the Mommyheads are _truly_ “progressive.” _Vulnerable Boy_ has helped the band find a new home with fans of modern prog, the record’s new sound keenly observed and respected when Kyle reviewed _Vulnerable Boy_ earlier this year.

JK spent some time interviewing The Mommyheads’ Adam Elk about _Vulnerable Boy,_ his songwriting, and the band in general. “Check it out here.”: