Mommyheads on Magnet!

Magnet Magazine debuted the live video of The Mommyheads’ “Needmore, PA” last week in the “Film at Eleven” feature on their website.

The video is the actual performance that’s captured in the Dromedary release of _Finest Specimens_, which hits the streets on October 19.

Check it out “here”:

Here’s what Magnet had to say about the Mommyheads:

_Back in the ’90s, the Mommyheads were a quirky, pop-leaning indie-rock band with a cult following that achieved virtually no commercial success whatsoever. The same can be said about far too many other groups from the era, but what separated the Mommyheads from their peers was just how good these musicians were. Although they broke up in 1998, they played the occasional show, which led to them recording a new album, You’re Not A Dream, a decade later. On October 19, the Dromedary label is issuing Finest Specimens, a 21-track, career-spanning retrospective featuring a handful of previously unreleased live tracks. We are proud to debut the video for the live version of 1995 standout “Needmore, PA,” recorded earlier this year in Sweden._

And here’s the video:

The Mommyheads: “Needmore, PA” from Dromedary Records on Vimeo.