More on Vulnerable Boy

We’re proud to announce the North American/European release of _Vulnerable Boy_, the new CD from The Mommyheads.

_Vulnerable Boy_ sees the band’s songwriting continuing to explore its prog-rock influences, without abandoning the brilliant pop craftsmanship that’s been the band’s hallmark since its 1989 debut. The band’s eighth album, _Vulnerable Boy_ is also its most ambitious, featuring undertones of punk, jazz, R&B, power pop, classical, and even some late 70s new wave.

Tracklisting as follows:

1. On a Clear Night
2. Gimme Silence
3. Science and Reason
4. Medicine Show
5. My Intruder
6. Skinny White Uptight
7. Devastate Me
8. Right Where They Should Be
9. Force of Will
10. Out on the Cliffs
11. Silent Age
12. Bleed From a Glass

_Vulnerable Boy_ is in stores and online July 17.