New York Magazine reviews Flying Suit

…in 1994, that is. Here’s what _New York Magazine_ had to say about the original _Flying Suit_ release:

bq. _”A hidden treasure that’s been roaming indie-rock byways from Brooklyn to San Francisco for years, the Mommyheads specialize in winsomely low-key, perfectly cut gems of avant-pop. There are keyboards but of the clunky, Modern Lovers variety; there are guitars but overlaid and cross-hatched with a baroque imagination worthy of XTC. The surreally poetic lyrics and quirky arrangements give way to gorgeous vocal harmonies and hooky, Beatlesque choruses that last and last. This record, like their last for the superhip label Simple Machines, is an embarrassment of riches, but the unfashionably clean production and note-perfect playing shows anything but embarrassment.”_

_Flying Suit_ hits the streets again in just five weeks. Exquisitely remastered by Fred Kevorkian (The White Stripes, Phish, Stuyvesant), the album features three bonus tracks that did not appear on the original.

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And for our friends in Scandinavia – brace yourselves for a Mommyheads spring tour!