Next up: “Caribou”

It’s Bandcamp Day, and definitely time for a new cover from *Smallpox*. If you haven’t been following along, and have just stumbled onto the site today for whatever reason, Smallpox is a collective music project spearheaded by Dan Smith (Shirk Circus, The 65’s, solo). In late 2020, they released their debut album _…For A Girl_ on Eyeball Records. In conjunction with that release, we’ve been dipping into their massive library of cover songs, releasing a new one every other week or so. You can get them for a dollar each, or $18 for the whole bunch, including immediate access to each new one as we upload them.

This week’s cover is the band’s take on “Caribou,” by The Pixies. Despite the fact that we know he’s a Pixies fan, when we asked Dan about this one, here’s what he said:

“My memory is kind of sketchy, but I think this was the first cover Bob (drummer Bob Diamond) and I recorded. I’m pretty sure we were actually trying to record one of my songs, but this dumpster fire happened instead.

From then on, that kind of became our work ethic – get trashed, and if we happened to overdo it, record covers instead. And, as you can tell from the amount of cover songs we’ve done, that happened pretty often.

Fun fact: altogether, Bob and I have been playing together since around 1991, but we’ve never actually played a show together.”