Next up: “Don’t Change”

This week’s *Smallpox* cover is a song that virtually everybody likes.

It’s “Don’t Change,” originally recorded by INXS.

Smallpox’ Daniel Smith explains “INXS always seemed like one of those bands that, aside from a handful of songs, weren’t really all that great. But that handful of songs? _Damn_.”

“The first thing I remember hearing was ‘The One Thing,’ which was sort of good in an ‘eh’ kind of way. It’s not like you’d change the channel if the video came on MTV but it’s not like you ere going to run out and buy the album, either.”

“Then they release ‘Don’t Change’ as a single and _holy shit_. One of those fucking perfect pop songs that when you first hear it, every time you get to the end, you have to start over. And then you finally go buy the album, and the rest of it is pretty much blah. And really, that kind of sums um INXS for me – the occasional _holy shit_ but mostly, blah.”

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