Out today: “Broken Glass”

We are thrilled to release “Broken Glass,” the latest single by our friends *Speed the Plough*.

Another beautiful song from their wildly inventive series of monthly singles that they’ve released during the pandemic, this one featuring vocal contributions from Mayssa Jallad (Safar), guitar from Matt Davis (Campfire Flies, The Thousand Pities), and bass from Dan Francia. Recorded in New Jersey and Beirut and mixed by the legendary Don Sternecker at Mix-O-Lydian Studios, we are co-releasing the single with the band, making it available on both our online stores in the digital format of your choice.

We have also produced a very limited amount of gorgeous lathe-cut 7″ singles, part of our regular series of lathe-cuts. We are making just 30 copies available for sale, so if the collector in you is thinking of picking one up, now is the time: WE DO NOT RE-PRESS THESE.

Lathe-cut singles are individually handmade 7″ singles, expertly cut into plexiglas by a craftsman who is really, really good at making these. They will play on virtually any turntable (budget turntables sometimes have trouble with them), and will not damage your stylus. A purchase of a 7″ is accompanied by a digital download.