Out Today: “I’m A Band!”

The latest from *Cathedral Ceilings*, _I’m A Band!_, premieres today over at “New Noise Magazine”:https://newnoisemagazine.com/premiere-cathedral-ceilings-im-a-band/.

Regarding the lead track, “Hamilton Circuits,” singer/guitarist Ralphie says “I was a math major for a bit, but couldn’t get past differential equations because I’m an idiot. But I love the idea of a math rock song that’s not ‘math rock.’ I mean, Nicky and Tommy could do math rock, but I would just get lost and bored.”

Lost and bored is definitely not something that’ll happen when you dig into these two tracks, just about four minutes between the two of them. Quick bursts of heavy pop, you can pick it up on the digital format of your choice, or, if you act quickly, you can snag a limited-edition lathe-cut 7″, “here”:https://dromedaryrecords.bandcamp.com/album/im-a-band