Positive No Release Party and Tour Dates

Positive No have announce a string of dates up the cost, in support of the “Teenage Waistline” single we’re releasing next month, beginning with their official release party, which will be on May 23 at Bandito’s in Richmond. FREE admission, plus tacos! TACOS!

We want tacos at ALL our release parties!

Head to Bandido’s to pick up your super-limited copy of “Teenage Waistline,” or catch the band at any of these shows:

May 23: Bandido’s, Richmond VA (release party, with Young Scum)
May 24: Dwell DC, Washington DC (with The OSYK, Kid Claws)
May 25: Pittsburgh PA (with the Gotobeds – Gotobeds release party)
June 15: The Woodland, Maplewood, NJ (with Quattracenta and Green Dragon)